NFL Power Rankings – Week 8

Power RankingsA few tweaks but nothing overly surprising in this week’s NFL Power Rankings are ready for NFL Week 7.  I think most people have come around to understanding that these rankings are spot-on and infallible.  As always thanks for all the work by Gary Plonderson and always appreciate your thoughtful feedback.

  1. Packers – An off-week will do nothing to diminish their dominance.
  2. Patriots – It could really have been a major upset with the Jets this week but even if the NYJ had pulled off the stunner, they would still be #2.
  3. Panthers – It’s a big drop-off from the Patriots and truthfully it’s a crapshoot with …
  4. Cowboys – Dropping one spot due to public pressure and demand but the loss to the Giants with so many miscues just solidifies the power of the Star.
  5. Seahawks – Last season the Cowboys pulled off a stunning upset in Seattle.  And this year the Hawks travel to big D next week.  Could be interesting because these guys are clicking now.
  6. Bengals – It’s not always about winning but sometimes it is.
  7. Broncos – Broncos were off last week so why do they drop two spots?  Its kinda like when you are hungry on a Monday and all your favorite restaurants are closed.  Just happens…
  8. Falcons – We are who we thought they are.  A hard hard time to figure out but they didn’t do anything to impress with a 10-7 win last week.
  9. Cardinals – Stay in the same spot after holding off the Ravens who just can’t seem to catch a break.
  10. Jets – Holding at the #10 spot after the near upset last week.

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