NFL Power Rankings – Week #10

Power RankingsYou’d think by now these teams would start being who we thought they were, but no such luck as we continue to learn about the pretenders (Falcons, Packers) and some of these teams that are ready to bust out (Cowboys) …

  1. Patriots– Injury bugs keep nipping at them but the idea of another undefeated regular season is starting to look like a real reality.
  2. Panthers – Say what?  A long leap from #5 to #2, but the win against the Pack is a legit win even at home.
  3. Cowboys – Move up a spot this week because of a formidable showing on Sunday night with the deck once again stacked against them.  The NFL arbitrary system on wins and losses could actually keep one of the top 3 teams in the NFL out of the playoffs. #shameful
  4. Bengals – Let’s keep the frenzy at a minimum folks.  Yeah, they are good.  But last week was against the Browns.  It is laughable to see how many Ochocinco jerseys have been seen in public with dust stains on the shoulders.
  5. Packers – The likelihood of the Pack busting back up to the top 2-3 is a probability but the last two lackluster performances demand this downgrade.
  6. Seahawks – Coming off the bye the ‘hawks are ready to roll into a legit Super Bowl contender.
  7. Broncos – A precipitous fall from grace but you just can’t go to Indy and lose to that team.  I know emotions where high and they are better than #7 but there has to be a punishment.
  8. Cardinals – A week to rest and get ready for the stretch run – the next few weeks will determine if they are an imposter or have some staying power.
  9. Raiders – A immeasurably tough tough loss for Raider nation but make no mistake they aren’t going away.  This team believes in themselves and they should.  They’ve got great offensive skill talent and it’s young.  They are building something special.
  10. Falcons – Really just because there has to be a #10.   Based on the last few weeks, Atlanta would be lucky to be #15.  The early wins and some bad luck keep them in the top 10 but they gotta show some real signs of life soon.

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