NFL – Power Rankings Week #12

Power RankingsAhhh… the day or reckoning and separation of teams.  We get to see teams on the rise (Cowboys) and teams that despite their losses still show strong (Bengals).  Gotta say the help of Larry Culpepper continues to strengthen and improve the Power Rankings.  For your enjoyment and betting pleasure…

  1. Patriots– Injuries be damned, they just go ahead and keep winning.  Ol’ Rex did his best but despite that and inadvertent whistles, the Pats are still the Pats.  With Denver on the horizon and injuries aplenty it could be a tough week for the Pats.
  2. Panthers – And just like that they close the gap on the Pats.  That said they have a Thanksgiving matchup of epic proportions.  It’s not often that we get a Turkey burner with two top 5 Power Ranking teams.
  3. Cardinals – A tough hard fought win but the fact the Cards could pull off a big win despite a very rough start says a lot for this overlooked team.
  4. Cowboys  – With Romo back, the Cowboys brought back the swagger and improved to 3-0 with Tony.  Despite the inexplicable 7 game losing streak, the Boys are in a near-must win against the undefeated Panthers.
  5. Seahawks – Beast mode is down for a bit and that’ll hurt the Hawks but they are legit all around and are putting the pieces together.  Pete Carroll knows some things are worth waiting for and the rest of the NFL doesn’t want to know that.
  6. Bengals – The Bengals two game skid shouldn’t be overlooked but at the same time they almost pulled off a win in Arizona.  They are good… but are they great?  Time will tell.
  7. Packers – The Packers came back to life after a death roll spiral that seemed out of control.  Rodgers looked strong and the two-headed running back system seemed to pay dividends in a big win against Minnesota’s tough defense.
  8. Broncos – Brock Osweiler you say huh?  How many people would have been able to name Peyton’s backup just a couple weeks ago?  Yet now, there seems to be hope in the mile high and that gives Peyton time to heal … maybe.
  9. Bears – A tough loss against Denver last week but the Bears are actually playing good.  Well, decent anyway.  The issue?  Jay Cutler is still the QB and threw one of the worst interceptions Plonderson has ever seen last week.
  10. Tampa Bay/ New York Giants – The Giants make it back in the top 10 in a tie with … what?  Tampa Bay!??!?  Don’t look now but a big win against the Cowboys last week and an absolute thrashing of the Eagles and here comes Winston and the Bucs!

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