Glen at Camp Muir Who am I?

Glen Garvin.  I work in the automotive business assisting dealers to help market and sell more cars.  Beyond work though I am partial to my Twitter (@ggarvin) definition of “Automotive professional – optimistic and somewhat cynical dad, sports enthusiast, business catalyst, teacher and aspiring Christ follower”.  LinkedIn 



Why should you read this?

Perhaps you’re bored… curious… cynical or Googled and found a post that made you happy, sad or angry.

What is “Zeitgeist”?

As my German teacher explained to me, Zeitgeist is not easily translated into English but could be best described as “the Spirit of the Times”.  So, therefore and henceforth, lacking a better blog title, I went with Zeitgeist.  And since I’m alive (at least at the time of publishing this), “Living in the Zeitgeist”.

Teams that make me perpetually hopeful


My favorite books




My favorite movies





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