NFL – Power Rankings #11

Power RankingsYep this is a day late but it took that long to get all of the calculations done by Mr. Plonderson and team.  After much criticism, we brought in the law firm of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe to audit the findings and also added Larry from Dr. Pepper.

  1. Patriots– Could this be as close as they come to losing a game on their 16-0 pace?  It coulda been but as Don Meredith said… “If if’s and buts were candy and nuts, what a Merry Christmas it would be!”
  2. Panthers – Well, they just stay at #2 because ain’t nobody has the kahunas to challenge them apparently.
  3. Cardinals – That was a statement win by the Cards and Carson Palmer.  His old teammates come calling next week. Should be a good one.
  4. Seahawks – Despite their loss at the hands of the Cards last week, the Seahawks will get healthy just when it matters and could still be a Super Bowl contender but people are beginning to wonder.
  5. Bengals – The Red Rider BB gun. LMFAO.  Oh that was good. The Bengals are good but they just aren’t great.  Lucky for them that the rest of the NFL isn’t so great either.
  6. Packers – This skid is almost as inexplainable as Eddie Lacy’s fall from grace or that some marketing person though Dish Network’s advertisement was a good idea.  I truly hate everything about that commercial.
  7. Broncos – A rough game for Peyton and the Broncos but this will get better.  Life isn’t over in the Mile High but it is possible that Peyton’s career might be.
  8. Cowboys – A big fall for the Boys.  While it seemed almost impossible for them to find yet another way to lose a game, they beat the odds to be extra creative…. but losing to the Bucs is just inexcusable.  This will be the best team to not make the playoffs in NFL history.
  9. Vikings – Not sure why Plonderson has the Vikings so low when the rest of the pundits are on the Vik’s bandwagon.  The defense is strong, AP is running with authority and Bridgewater does just enough.
  10. Falcons/Bears/Raiders – Three way tie for the last spot.  Bears impress with big win.  Falcons only stay around because of the bye and we just believe that a good Raider team is good for the NFL.

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