NFL Power Rankings – Week #13

Power RankingsAll that turkey and tryptophan made the Power Rankings late this week.  Well maybe that’s the reason… and maybe it is just coming to the realities of the injuries plaguing the NFL and what appears to be specific strategy by the powers that be to take down America’s team and their AFC sister.  That’s right… I’m going to go ahead and say it.  Goddell is conspiring against the Cowboys and the Patriots.  With that said… We’ve fired Larry Culpepper and gone back to the original algorithm designed by Gary Plonderson.

  1. Patriots– Some are going to be shocked by the Patriots still being in the #1 spot, but I’m not.  An overtime loss in Denver with depleted troops doesn’t derail their overall skill and prognosis of being NFL champs again.
  2. Panthers – A leaping … yeah that’s right a freakin’ leaping call… changed Thanksgiving day and the season but that said the Panthers are for real and gaining momentum.  Imagine if they had any WRs to work with…
  3. Cardinals – A large dropoff from 2 to 3 and yes the Cardinals barely survived against an awful 49ers team but that is what teams like this do… just enough to get the win.
  4. Seahawks – Even without Beast Mode, the Seahawks won a tough matchup with Pittsburgh.  Mark it down, the Seahawks are poised to make a run.
  5. Bengals – Moving up a spot because of their dominating win last week.  The Bengals will have gotten better because of their two losses – but they still have the Red Rider at the helm of the offense and thats going to cause an issue when the playoffs come around.  Sorry Not Sorry.
  6. Broncos – Big win last week to knock off the Patriots but Osweiler isn’t the next coming of Peyton Manning.  The defense will only take them so far. But a second round playoff matchup with the Bengals in the playoffs could be a dandy.
  7. Packers – What?  The Packers got beat on Thanksgiving but hang on to their #7 spot for now but it is precarious at best.  They still have the talent and can put it together easily to get back to the top of the NFC.
  8. Bears – Moving up another spot.  People took them as a joke at #9 last week.  Who is laughing now?  A big win at Green Bay last week makes you wonder how good they could be if they didn’t have Cutler as their QB.  Bengal fans laugh at the Bears QB.
  9. Vikings – Back in the top 10 after a solid win against an Atlanta team that used to be something.  Remember that?  What a precipitous drop.  The problem with the Vikings though is that teams are going to stack the box against Pederson and make them throw.  And that is a problem.
  10. Cowboys – When Romo’s collarbone sustained another collarbone injury, the season vanished like Volkswagen’s market share.

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