NFL Power Rankings – Week 9

Power RankingsQuite a bit of shake-up this week as some teams continued to show strong efforts and underlying metrics (Cowboys).  Some disappointed (Packers) and others continued winning despite the underlying confounding fundamentals (Bengals).  Without further ado…

  1. Patriots– They are just a level above.  It’s Belichick’s world and he and only he will determine if you are allowed to live in it.
  2. Packers – While a fall further would be merited after a poor performance against the Broncos – the fact remains there is still a chasm in between #2 and #3.
  3. Broncos – Shooting up all the way from #7 with a huge home win.  How good is this defense?  They are ridiculous.  And adding Vernon Davis is another boost.
  4. Cowboys – They continue to impress with another great effort against the Hawks.
  5. Panthers – Just fractionally ahead of the Bengals as they squeak by last night against a motivated Colts team in an absolute mess of playing conditions.
  6. Bengals – Even the great Gary Plonderson is subject to peer pressure and this has to be what has happened here.  The Bengals continue to prove that Last season the Cowboys pulled off a stunning upset in Seattle.  And this year the Hawks travel to big D next week.  Could be interesting because these guys are clicking now.
  7. Seahawks – They are laying in the weeds about to put together an end of season push.  It’s all up to their offensive line.
  8. Falcons – Don’t fall asleep on these guys – yes, the score would tell you that they lost to the Bucs however all of the underlying metrics says they should have won and by a lot.  Unfortunately for my survivor league, they use the antiquated method of score to determine the winner.
  9. Cardinals – A good but just not great team.  They need to show some consistency and with the Seahawks and Bengals coming up next after a bye, we will see if they are who we thought they were or not.
  10. Raiders – You just gotta love a relevant Raiders team.  The NFL with a good Raider team is better than without.  But better keep winning, the Vikings and Rams are on your heels.

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