NFL Power Rankings – Week 7

After a surprising Week 6 to some the much anticipated (and highly scientific) NFL Power Rankings are ready for NFL Week 7.  Again, for those unfamiliar, the algorithm used in these calculations is beyond your comprehension but it is generally regarded as the most comprehensive, exhaustive and all-encompassing rating system known to man and this has been verified by Gary Plonderson.  So, point is, just realize that is right.

  1. Packers – remain their top spot despite a lackluster performance this week – they still have the best QB in the league and that says a lot
  2. Patriots – they know how to win each week even when it requires a complete blunder by their emotionally charged opponent.
  3. Cowboys – they did nothing to hurt themselves this week.  Physically that is and keeping them from being hurt seems to be an impossible task
  4. Panthers – the biggest mover of the week with a huge win against Seattle.
  5. Broncos – ugly doesn’t begin to describe this effort and frustrating if you were giving 3.5 (the half being the important part of that statement)
  6. Seahawks – don’t doubt their record and high rating… schedule is tough but they will be there when this shakes out.
  7. Bengals – Why so low some may ask?  Their confidence is building but their luck of other team’s timely injuries is fortuitous.
  8. Falcons – We are who we thought they are.  Actually they got the reverse Bengal treatment.  They are probably a little higher than this ranking despite stb against the Saints.
  9. Cardinals – Lackluster effort against Pittsburgh makes them a big drop in the rankings this week.
  10. Jets – First appearance – Chris Ivory is an unsung top NFL RB.  Take note.

Argue if you’d like but this is on point.

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